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Images and Diagrams


Not in Use

Ideal Image is not currently enabled as it appears to clash with native Docusaurus lazy-loading.

The @docusaurus/plugin-ideal-image is used to allow lazy loading and zoom of images.

Use the Image tag as shown:

import Image from '@theme/IdealImage';
<Image img={require('./images/vim-cheatsheet.png')} />

This will render an image as shown below:

::: warn Currently Disabled

<Image img={require('./images/vim-cheatsheet.png')} />



Render a diagram like so:

import Drawio from '@theme/Drawio'
import asymmetricEncryption from '!!raw-loader!./images/asymmetric-encryption.drawio';

<Drawio content={asymmetricEncryption} />

This would render as below: