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Installing the Samples

There are many samples in the Effective Shell book. To allow you to play with a set of folders and files without affecting your own personal documents, a samples folder can be installed. Each of the examples in the book uses the samples from this folder.

The easiest way to install the samples is to run the following command:

curl | sh

This will install the samples to the following location:


It will also allow you to overwrite the samples, update or recreate them if you run the command multiple times.

Manually Downloading the Samples

If you would prefer to manually download and unzip the samples, perhaps so that you can install them to a different location, you can download them as a zip file from:

You can also download them as a tarball from:

Deleting the Samples

If you have installed the samples to the default location, you can safely delete them with the following command:

rm -rf ~/effective-shell