Effective Shell

Effective Shell

This book is for anyone who is interested in computing, and wants to learn more about the exciting, but sometimes daunting world of “The Shell”!

For the newcomer, you'll learn what a shell is, how to use it on your system, and then how to become more effective everyday by integrating the shell into your work.

For the experienced professional, there are chapters which go into advanced topics and introduce real-world ways to be more effective with your usage.

To get started, jump over to the Introduction page from the menu or the left, whichever chapter sounds the most appealing!

To setup your computer to follow along with the chapters, check the Getting Started guide.

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This book is also open source! The code is on github.com/dwmkerr/effective-shell. Feel free to use the ‘Comments’ section at the bottom of each page to discuss the content, or even open a pull request to propose changes.

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